The organ of Grace Church on-the-Hill is a three-manual and pedal instrument by Casavant Freres, 1926. The instrument was a gift to Grace Church from Robert Charles Matthews, P.C. Casavant made additions and tonal revisions in 1960.


In 1979, Richard Valentine Porritt made a generous donation to the Church for repairs to the organ, or its replacement. By 1997, when the Church was about to undergo a major renaissance, it was determined that the organ Organconsole1console required replacement. This project was completed by R. A. Denton of Hamilton, Ontario, thanks to the generosity of the Porritt family.

Extensive repairs, additions, and tonal re-visions deemed necessary in 2004-5. This rebuilding of the organ was a gift given ot the glory of God and in thanksgiving for the lives of Ruth and John McCarthy, and dedicated on November 20, 2005. The work was done by Andrew Mead of Mead Musical Services.Tonal design and voicing was done by Thomas A. Fitches.


Organ Stoplist

Great Organ (61 notes)
Swell Organ (61 notes)

Contra Bass
(Extended from Pedal)

8 Geigen Principal
8 Diapason 8 Stopped Diapason
8 Bourdon 8 Viola da Gamba
8 Open Flute 8 Voix Celeste
4 Octave 4 Geigen Octave
4 Koppel Flöte 4 Klein Gedeckt
2 2/3 Cornet III 2 2/3 Sesquialtera II
2 Fifteenth 2 Octavin
2 Block Flute 1 Plein Jeu IV
2 2/3 Grande Fourniture IV (Extended from Pedal) 16 Fagot
1 1/3 Fourniture IV 8 Trompette
8 Trumpet 8 Oboe
8 Bombarde (Ch) 8 Voix Humaine

4 Clairion



Choir Organ (61 Notes)
Pedal Organ (32 notes)
8 Rohrflöte 32 Sub Bourdon (electronic)
8 Gemshorn 16 Diapason
4 Dolce Flute 16 Contra Bass
4 Spitz Principal 16 Bourdon
2 Italian Principal 16 Open Wood (electronic)
1 1/3 Quinte 8 Principal
1 Sifflöte 8 Stopped Diapason
8 Bombarde 4 Choral Bass
8 Clarinet 2 2/3 Fourniture IV

Tremulant 32 Bombardon (electronic)

Chimes 16 Trombone

16 Fagot (Sw)

8 Trompette



Gt/Ped Sw/Gt Sw/Ch Choir unison off
Gt/Ped 4’ Sw/Gt 4’ Sw/Ch 4’ Gt/Gt 4’
Sw/Ped Sw/Gt 16’ Sw/Ch 16’ Great unison off
Sw/ped 4’ Ch/Gt Gt/Ch Sw/Sw 4’
Ch/Ped Ch/Gt 4’ Ch/Ch 4’ Sw/Sw 16’
Ch/Ped 4’ Ch/Gt 16’ Ch/Ch 16’ Swell unison off


Piston action

6 Swell thumb pistons, reversible Sw/Ped
6 Great thumb pistons, reversible Gt/Ped, Sw/Gt, Ch/Gt

Choir thumb pistons, reversible Ch/Ped, Sw/Ch

6 Pedal thumb and toe pistons
8 General thumb and toe pistons

Ped/Gt Comb thumb piston

Gt/Ch xfer thumb piston

Ped Sub Bourdon 32 thumb piston

Reversible Full Organ thumb and toe piston

Reversible Gt/Ped toe piston

Swell, Choir, and Crescendo pedals

32 levels of memory