Grace Church on-the-Hill supports a quality music program with choirs for all ages.  


Choir Rehearsals 




Children's Choir 4:30-6:00, with the advanced children's 'Chamber Choir' rehearsing until 6:30 pm.  

The rehearsal is preceded with snack-time at 4:15.  


This choir is for boys and girls aged 8 and up, and sings on Sunday mornings three Sundays per month, September to mid-June.  





Junior Choir 4:15-5:00


This choir is for boys and girls aged 5-7, and serves as a preparatory choir for the children's choir.  This choir only sings on Sunday mornings for special occasions, and also is involved in projects such as the Christmas Pageant.   



Adult's Choir 6:30-8:30


The adult choir is comprised of 30 passionate choral singers, including 8 professional section leaders.  This choir sings on Sunday mornings weekly from September to mid-June, and also sings a number of concerts and other services throughout the year.  Our adult choir also welcomes teenage boys with changed voices, and they rehearse starting at 5:30 on Thursdays, and stay for the first half of the adult rehearsal.  


 Our Children's and Adult's Choirs love to tour!   

Recent tours have included: Dublin and Oxford, UK(2016), Ottawa(2015), and Québec City(2014).


We welcome new members into the choirs here at any time. Anyone with interest in joining the choirs at Grace Church on-the-Hill is encouraged to contact our music directors by email to schedule an audition and interview. 

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