Frequently Asked Questions

To help make you feel welcome at Grace Church, we have provided a few answers to questions that are frequently asked by newcomers to our church. Our parishioners are delighted to help, and those volunteering at the service wear nametags to help you identify them. The Clergy, Wardens and Sidespeople at the church encourage you to ask them any questions that you may have.

Q.  When are the services, and which service should I come to?

On  Sundays, we gather to worship God, receive spiritual nourishment, and be strengthened as a community. Our new Sunday model provides space for each of these elements to our Christian identity.

8:00 – Traditional Said Eucharist according to the Book of Common Prayer

9:00 – Christian Enrichment for all: Join us in the reception room for ongoing series exploring various aspects of scripture, Christian tradition, and living a life of faith in a contemporary context. Church school for children also begins at 9:00. Parents are welcome to play and learn with their kids, or participate in the adult education program.

10:00 – Community Sung Worship.  The whole  community gathers to worship God through prayer, reading of scripture, music, and the celebration of Holy Communion. Worship follows the Anglican Book of Alternative Services or the traditional Book of Common Prayer (first Sunday of the month)

11:00 – Café Grace: Join your friends at Grace in the Parish Hall for a time of conversation over coffee, fruit and cookies. Throughout the year, we also host elaborate brunches for the whole community. This space after morning worship also provides time for the youth and other small groups in the parish to gather.

Q.  How long are the church services?

A.  Services lean towards traditional with modern touches and generally last one hour. After the service, you are welcome to join your fellow parishioners for an informal coffee-time.

Q.  Is there specific seating, or can I sit anywhere?

A.   Please feel free to sit anywhere. Occasionally, certain rows may be cordoned off or reserved for special events, such as baptisms or confirmations, where rows are reserved for the families.

Q.   How do I follow the service?

A.   When you arrive, you will receive a leaflet which contains the entire order of service, making it easy for you to follow the various parts of the service. Prayer books are also available for those who prefer to follow the service as it is presented in the Book of Common Prayer or the Book of Alternative Services. Our Sidespeople are happy to give you a copy of the book when they greet you as you enter the church. The Hymns are found in the blue Hymnbook found in the pews, and Hymn numbers are listed in the bulletin and on the boards at the front of the church. During prayers, some people prefer to stand, others kneel or simply sit with their heads bowed. Please do whichever you find most comfortable.

Q.   Who can take Communion?

A.    All people who have been baptized in any Christian denomination are not only welcome, but are encouraged, to take part in Communion. Those who wish to take Communion go up to the altar in rotation, guided by the Sidespeople. You may stand or kneel to take Communion, as you see fit. If you do not wish to receive Communion, you are invited to the altar rail for a blessing.

Q.   Will I be asked to put something in the collection plate?

A.    The collection plate is typically passed during the Offertory Hymn during the service. Our Parish and its facilities are supported by our congregants, so all donations are very welcome; however, the decision to donate is up to you, as is the amount. Should you wish to contribute on a regular basis, you may use our offeratory envelope system, or set up a pre-authorized giving program, using VISA, Mastercard or Direct Debit. For more information please click here.

Q.   What will my children do while I am at church?

A.   People of all ages are welcome at Grace Church. In fact, our church encourages families to bring their children to the services, and our parishioners are very understanding of families with young children. We have many options for children during services, including a Nursery for children of toddler age and younger.

Sunday School is available at the 10:00am Sunday service; it's a great opportunity for your children to meet other kids, share in some fun activities and of course, learn. In addition, you are welcome to have your children sit with you during the service, or they may sit at the "kids' table" at the front left of the church, where they can draw, read or colour during the service.

If your children are 8 years or older and like to sing, they would be welcome in our choirs.

Q.    What should I wear to the Sunday service?

A.    Grace Church does not have a dress code for the Sunday services. We are very relaxed, although you will find that some people wear business casual clothes, and some wear suits and ties. The important thing is that all are welcome.

Q.   Where can I park my car?

A.    Most people park on Russell Hill Road or Lonsdale Road. In addition, on Sundays we are permitted to park in the parking circle at the Bishop Strachan School, which is located at the northeast corner of Lonsdale and Russell Hill Road.

Q.   How do I enter the church if I use a wheelchair?

A.    There is a wheelchair entrance from the church driveway, at the Northeast corner of the church off Russell Hill Road north of Lonsdale.

Q.   I am dealing with a personal issue and I would very much like to speak with a minister.

A.    All of our clergy are here to help parishioners with a range of personal issues, both spiritual and practical. Our clergy have a wide range of personal experience which parishioners are encouraged to draw upon in times of need. Please feel free to call our office at any time, at 416-488-7884, and our parish administrative assistant will set up an appointment for you with one of our clergy.

Q.   How do I know what social events are coming up?

A.   At the end of the service, the minister and others will make announcements. In addition, announcements are listed in the Sunday bulletin, on this website, and in the weekly parish newsletter, Grace Matters. To add your name to the e-mail list, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are here to help. If you have any questions or comments about Grace Church, please contact us, either at 416-488-7884, at our services or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..