The Ministry of Spiritual Companionship at Grace Church: 

a place of support, learning, growth, fellowship, and collaborative outreach.

Grace Church is a place where we should all feel safe and encouraged to grow in our intellectual and spiritual understanding of what it means to be a Christian today: in our current society, in good times and in bad times, in health and in sickness.

God has given each of us a universal desire to know Him, as well as a unique set of gifts to serve Him. Thus, only when we find ourselves at home as part of a meaningful community, do we also, finally, find ourselves at rest in Him. Our many small groups and educational opportunities help foster our growth in relationship to God, one another, and our "neighbour". Almost everyone will find something of interest among these small-group opportunities.  

Please click on the title of each group for more infortmation and upcoming meeting dates.

Christian Meditation Groupa steady fellowship of those who seek God in the silence of a contemplative prayer.

- In the Footsteps of the Saints: a group that engages in scholarly yet accessible study of themes in Christian spirituality.

- Young Adults’ Club: a group for adults in their 20s to early 40s (dinner, fellowship, and readings).

- "The Gifts of the Spirit" Art Studio: an arts-based Saturday program primarily geared to families with children, but open to all, and includes adult art and meditation classes.

- The Cooking Group: enjoying the fellowship with one another as we cook.

- Book and Film Club: meets regularly and uses books available through our Library.

- Exercise Classes: Grace Church creates opportunities for us to take care of our bodies as well as our souls.

Also, please remember that our Sunday 9 am Adult Education classes are open to everyone, whether or not you wish to stay for our worship services. In addition, individual Spiritual Direction is always available from our clergy in one-on-one meetings.

If you are interested in joining any of the above programs, have an idea of your own, or desire individual spiritual direction, please contact Rev. Irina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 416-488-7884 ext. 112


Small group code of conduct:


1.      Expected Behaviour:


In keeping with the culture and expectations of Grace Church on-the-hill, conduct at all times must reflect honesty, kindness, courtesy and respect towards leaders and participants, and contribute to a loving, inclusive, positive, and supportive environment.  Participants must not cause disruptions or compromise the positive experiences of other participants. Should any participant persist in any of the behaviours listed below, the participant may be asked to leave the program, or to make specific changes in order to remain, which will be determined by the group leaders and/or the clergy.


2.      Behaviour that will not be tolerated:


• Disruptive behaviour and language (e.g., arriving late if it disturbs a group already in session, rudeness/profanity, etc)


• Preventing other participants from participating in discussions (e.g., continually bringing own issues to the forefront of every conversation, undermining other participants and leaders in any way, making disparaging remarks, showing lack of respect, raising the tone of voice, displaying aggression, etc.) 


• Any behaviour that is destructive to the well-being of leaders or participants, and to the dynamics of the group
• Gossip and confidentiality breach outside the group, or in subsequent sessions of the group