Since 1913, our parish has endeavored to serve the spiritual and temporal needs of a diverse parish family.
For over 100 years, clergy, staff and laity have helped establish a legacy that each parishioner benefits from today. However, nothing remains the same forever.
Just like our family home, parish buildings especially when constructed one hundred years ago are in constant need of repairs and upgrades.
And just like our family, our parish is constantly growing and changing.
Though we have accomplished much over recent years, our shortfall in regular offertory giving has limited our funding to current ministries and a few capital repairs, such lighting in the narthex and repairing the stucco at the handicapped entrance.

Stewardship giving is the key to enhancing our financial stability and growth.

“Stewardship is a Way of Life”

As disciples of Jesus, we acknowledge all that we are and all that we have are gifts from God.
Each of us must nurture these blessings, not only for ourselves, but also for strengthening His Church and ministries to others.
Faced with ever increasing needs for ministry and service, we now begin a new chapter in our stewardship journey as a parish. Our Second Century.
The Grace Church family is undertaking an increased offertory initiative to demonstrate why Grace Matters.
This initiative will permit Grace Church to take a major leap forward as we continue to prepare our ministries and buildings for service for future generations.
Each parishioner will be asked to consider a sustained increase in regular offertory giving.

As St. Peter strongly encourages us in his epistle, “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another,” please consider how your proportionate sacrificial increase and prudent use of His blessings will permit our parish to tackle these needs which are exclusive of the Child Care Center:

1)    Our 100-year-old building needs maintenance and upgrades. The building alone requires an operation budget of $300,000.00 per year.
2)    Our ministries have to grow in order to reach our changing and expanding community. Our ministries require an operating budget of $200.000.00 per year.
3)    Our outreach programs need to keep pace with the times. Our outreach programs require an operating budget of $40,000.00 per year.
4)    We have to administer all these programs, which requires an additional $100,000.00 per year.
$640,000.00 to $650,000.00 is needed to run the business of Grace Church.
Once again, like our founding mothers and fathers who looked to the future to provide for us, it is our responsibility not only to provide for our own needs but also the needs of our children and grandchildren who will come after us.
In order to meet these challenges, we look to each of our parishioners to prayerfully consider a proportionate increase in their regular support of our parish: a share of the generous blessings that God continues to bestow on each of us.

It can be easy, many may remember that we used to write 52 checks per year and put them in the Offertory envelopes. Today we can do the same thing through Pre Authorized Giving through the use of a Credit Card or your bank account.
Pre Authorized Giving is a benefit to both you and the Church:


  •     Guarantees a stream of reliable revenue.
  •     Supports our ministry in your absence.
  •     You don’t have to remember to bring money.
  •     Helps the Wardens plan for future expenses.
  •     Provides peace of mind to Wardens and Clergy.
  •     We have mention Cards.
  •     Pre Authorized Giving is good theology

Pre Authorized Giving insures consistency, reliability and commitment.

As we look to the benefits, which will be returned to thousands, let us not lose sight that working together we can proclaim God’s message with pride.
Sharing Our Blessings will demonstrate why Grace Matters to you and also benefits our parish.
I would like to share one final thought  -I have some good news, we have all the money we need for the offertory. However, the bad news is that is still in your pocket.


By Andrew C. Duncanson, Chair, Stewardship at Grace