This Week in Sunday School – Summer 2018

Throughout the summer months we will continue to run a Sunday School group each Sunday in a mixed age setting.  This summer we will be looking at some of Jesus’ “Miracles from Mark.” Please note  that we will not offer classes on the holiday weekends: July 1, August  5 and Sept. 2.

The stories we will be looking at are as follows:

July 8 - Jesus Heals a Paralytic - Mark 2:1-12

July 15 - Jesus Calms a Storm - Mark 5:35-41

July 22 - A Girl Restored To Life - Mark 5: 21-43

July 29 - Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand - Mark 6:30-44

August 12 - Jesus Walks On the Water - Mark 6: 45-52  

August 19 - The Gentile Woman’s Faith - Mark 7: 24-30

August 26 - Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Bethsaida - Mark 8:22-26 

These are a selection of some of the core stories from the Gospel of Mark.  I know I remember learning these stories as a child and the sense of wonder and awe they inspired in me.  I hope that we can begin to instil this sense of wonder in the children in our charge. Have a great summer.

Francesca and the Sunday School team.

See you in church!