Bring your children to Church!

 Grace Church is a "place of grace" for children and families. Children are most welcome here and we hope they are both "seen and heard" through their participation in all aspects of parish life. The Director of the Children's Ministry, Francesca Mallin Parker, and the Church School teaching team offer children from infants to teens an enjoyable, play-based approach to Christian education. The Church School is staffed by trained educators as well as volunteers from the parish.

The Church School groups are configured as follows:

Infant and Toddler group (2.5 and under) – meets in the play space in the Reception Room*

Preschool Group (2.5 to 5 years) – meets upstairs in their own classroom*

School Age Group (6 to 10 years) – meets upstairs in their own classroom*

The Ark (11 and up) – meets in the Youth Group room.

The three older groups use the "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum which is lectionary based, so that the children's lessons each week will be based on one of the same readings their parents may have heard during the church service.

Infant and Toddler Group (2.5 and under)

Please drop your infant or toddler off in the Reception Room play area before the service begins. A trained Early Childhood Educator regularly supervises the youngest members of our community. Our Infant/Toddler area is also stocked with lots of age appropriate toys and activities to engage the little ones while the parents are at worship.  A parent may choose to remain with the child until he or she feels comfortable. You may also begin your morning in church and take your child to the Infant/Toddler area after taking part in the Children's Focus. Parents who wish their infant or toddler child to participate in communion are asked to come and pick them up from the play area at the appropriate time.

Preschool Group (2.5 – 5 years)

Puppets, music and hands-on activities will reinforce the learning objectives of helping the children to become acquainted with the lessons of the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments and developing a love of Jesus.

School Age Group (6 – 10 yrs.)

Grace Church Sunday School aims to develop the children's knowledge of stories and people from the Bible with an emphasis on the love of God for us and the "way" to live with love and respect for others that is embodied in Jesus Christ.

The Ark (11 and up)

As the youth explore each Bible lesson they are encouraged to ask questions and explore their faith. Links between Bible stories and their own lives are examined and deeper meaning is revealed through an examination of current events.

Each week we focus on a Bible story or other aspect of Christian formation, with our own special touches added. Friendships and a sense of community are encouraged and children learn to give back by preparing food for brunches and helping with outreach and community events as they are able, or through participation in the church service as readers, acolytes or junior sidespersons.

For a closer look at what we are doing each week in Sunday School please see the weekly church bulletin, or check out "This Week in Sunday School"  or contact our Sunday School Director Francesca Mallin Parker via email or at 416.488.7884 ext. 118.

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Morning Routine for the Preschool and School Age Groups:

•    9:50 to 10:00 a.m. children gather in the North Transept prior to the service
•    10:10 "Children's Focus" after which we go to our classrooms
•    10:15 to c.10:50 a.m. prayer, Bible story and discussion, games, crafts and more
•    each week one or two children will be asked to help during the offertory
•    c. 10:50 snack and return to church for communion
•    11:15 Cafe Grace with food and fellowship for all ages

Here is some of what we offer:

• A different story and exploration each week
• Lots of hands-on activities
• Group prayer and discussion
• Arts and Crafts
• Take-home activities
• Participation in the services
• Charitable outreach
• Social events for families
• Christmas pageant
• Good Friday interactive "Way of the Cross"
• Special Easter Day programs
• Sunday School throughout the summer (10:00 a.m.)

You won't outgrow Sunday School - teens can volunteer to help their younger friends and earn community hours! We also invite the older children to serve as acolytes from time to time.

See you in church!